Crafting Unique Hybrid Amps in BIAS FX 2: Blending the Best of Two Worlds

Crafting Unique Hybrid Amps in BIAS FX 2: Blending the Best of Two Worlds

September 17, 2023By victor huang 0 Comment

Guitarists and tone chasers around the world have long been in pursuit of the perfect sound. In the quest for sonic excellence, many have turned to BIAS FX 2, the versatile guitar effects processor and amp simulator from Positive Grid. While BIAS FX 2 comes packed with an impressive array of amplifier models, there's a secret world of sound exploration awaiting those who dare to venture into the realm of hybrid amps.

Let’s uncover the art of creating unique hybrid amps in BIAS FX 2 By blending the best of both worlds, you can forge a sonic identity that's entirely your own.

Step 1: Select Your Base Amps

You'll need to choose two base amplifiers from BIAS FX 2's extensive collection and load them in BIAS FX's dual amp signal chain. Start by selecting an amplifier that forms the foundation of your tone. This is your primary amp, the one that defines the core characteristics of your sound.

Next, pick a secondary amplifier with contrasting qualities that you want to blend with your primary amp. For example, if your primary amp is known for its warm, vintage tones, you might choose a secondary amp known for its aggressive modern sound.

Step 2: Blend and Adjust

Once you've loaded both amps onto your virtual rig, it's time to blend and adjust the settings. Start with these steps:

  1. Balance the Volume: Ensure that the output levels of both amps are balanced to avoid sudden jumps in volume when you switch between them.
  2. Experiment with EQ: Tweak the EQ settings of each amp to emphasize the desired characteristics. For instance, you can boost the treble on the primary amp for added brightness, while cutting the bass on the secondary amp for a tighter low end.
  3. Play with Gain Staging: Adjust the gain and overdrive settings on each amp to find the right amount of distortion or saturation. This step is crucial for dialing in your desired level of grit.

Step 3: Add Effects and Fine-Tune

To truly make your hybrid amp shine, experiment with BIAS FX 2's effects and additional signal chain components. You can add pedals, rack effects, and even customize your virtual microphone placement to further shape your sound.

Don't forget to fine-tune your hybrid amp by listening carefully and making subtle adjustments until you're satisfied with the result. Trust your ears; they're your best guides in this creative process.

Step 4: Save Your Creation

Once you've crafted your unique hybrid amp, save it as a preset in BIAS FX 2. Give it a name that reflects its character and the two amps you've blended. This way, you can easily recall your creation for future recordings and performances.

Want access to even more pro-level tools? Upgrade to BIAS FX Elite for access to over 200 presets, HD racks, effect modelers and more. Learn more and compare licenses here.

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