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“Steele Blue” Spark

Felix Seele

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”I designed this to fit Spark and Spark MINI perfectly using my signature metal script-style artwork—as seen on my good friends Tim Henson, Will Ramos and Ghostkid.”


Style Modern Blackwork
Location Berlin, Germany
Studio Der Grimm Tattoo

Felix, also known as "Younghearted," is the proud owner of "Der Grimm Tattoo." Felix specializes in dark, dynamic, and aggressive ink. His reputation as an tattoo artist has earned him sponsorship from top tattoo equipment companies and clients such as world-renowned guitarist Tim Henson.

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The worlds of guitar and tattoo collide with these limited-edition grilles, custom-designed by some of the most sought-after tattoo artists and made exclusively for Spark and Spark MINI. Give your Spark amp a touch of unique ink.

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